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Teacher Coin NFTs

A collection of 10 000 unique Teacher Themed NFTs are available for minting! Get yours now!!

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Teacher Coin VR Classrooms

Teacher Coin provides live & immersive instruction for a variety of High School classes.  We are the first Company to offer live Calculus classes taught completely in a Virtual Reality setting. 

Our Story

Created in April 2018, Teacher Coin is tailor made specifically to support Teachers and Administrators Worldwide.   In general, Retirement Plans are notoriously expensive with hidden fees and high maintenance costs. High quality Resources for Teachers are either non-existent or extremely expensive. Also, transferring money is costly and highly inconvenient (especially for International Teachers.)  Teacher Coin aims to solve these issues and support Teachers on a global scale. 

Radicalc Racers iOS APP

As we continue to create and design tools that Teachers can use to intrigue and motivate students, Teacher Coin will be releasing a series of iOS APPs. Our first APP (based on Calculus) covering Limits is  available now on the Apple Store.

Health Insurance

Simplifying Health Insurance

Teacher Coin  works with Pacific Prime to provide Teachers with personalized Insurance Plans tailor-made to suit your needs.  


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Teacher Coin takes advantage of the Digital and Verifiable Nature of the Blockchain to solve the complications and barriers to entry of the Retirement Market. The Blockchain based contracts connect investors and TCH financial advisors directly and securely. 

Supporting Teachers Globally

Teacher Coin LTD works closely with Educators around the world in order to offer the most technologically advanced tools. 

We also devise, develop and implement new platforms in-house to support Teachers.
Stay tuned for more updates! 

Resources for Teachers

We provide a platform for Teachers to purchase and sell Lesson Plans, Assessments, Videos, Supplies, Equipment and online Virtual Reality Lessons.  All Transactions on the platform will require the use of TCH. 

Please contact us via email at if you would like to submit Lesson Plans, PPTs, Worksheets, Chapter Tests and Quizzes. Your course materials will be vetted by a Team of professionals. If it meets our standards, we will offer your course for sale at 200 0000 TCH ( or 1 ETH) on our platform. Teacher Coin charges a 10% fee for each Item Sold. 

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Teacher Coin VR Classroom

Worldwide  Money Transfer

Teachers may send money Worldwide via our Platform. TCH can be purchased as a utility token in order to send fiat directly to a U.S. bank for a low transaction fee. All money transfers are safe and secure using transparent verifiable Smart Contracts on the Teacher Coin Platform. Coming soon.

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Teacher Coin is proud to work with   YittBox   to provide high quality educational resources

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Merchants Accepting TCH 

Teacher Coin may be used as Payment for a Variety of Goods and Services.  Please contact us at if you would like to accept TCH as Payment in your Business. 

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Kai Da Long specializes in Projectors, Interactive Whiteboards, Computers and Laptops. We also have a Service Center. As one of only 3 Licensed Distributors of Benq Products, Kai Da Long is proud to support Teachers and accepts TCH as payment. 

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