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College Calculus Winter Session 

January 15th 2021 - March 15th 2021

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 General Information

- Enrollment is limited to 10 students per session.

- Sign up closes November 15th, 3:00pm EST.  Each session requires a minimum of 3 students. 

 - Completion of Algebra I and Algebra II is required for this course.  

- Price may increase/decrease due to fluctuations in TCH value.

- Refunds are not available. 

- TCH is the only accepted payment for all Teacher Coin classes. 


Course Summary:

- Class taught by instructor with over 20 years experience teaching Calculus. 

- All lessons are taught in a live VR classroom setting. 

- Classes provide multiple discussion opportunities with both instructor and other students. 

- Students are expected to complete Homework assignments and projects.


Mandatory Equipment


Oculus Quest (No PC required - highly recommended)




1) Windows 7 or higher operating System AND

2) Graphics Card:

   i ) Sapphire Nitro RX590 OR

  ii) GeForce GTX 1660 OR

 iii) Gihabyte RTX 2060 OR

 iv) Any Graphics Card from this list:

Optional addition Equipment which can be used in conjunction with 1) and 2) above:

i) Oculus Rift S OR

ii) Oculus Quest



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