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Information regarding the TCH - ELA Migration:







Beginning January 1st, 2021 Teacher Coin (TCH) will start a migration over to the ELA Chain. As transaction fees for ERC-20 Tokens averaged over $2.18 from Nov 3rd – Dec 22nd, the TCH trading Volume across our exchanges fell significantly. Since ELA merge-mines with Bitcoin, the migration over to ELA will not only help to reduce Exchange fees, it will also make individual TCH transactions and contract interactions cost efficient, fast and highly secure. Currently, the average transaction fee is less than 0.002 USD on the ELA Chain. 


Additional Benefits for Teachers on the ELA Chain:


  • Decentralized storage (Hive) with personal data vaults only accessible with DIDs for storing lesson plans and student data.​


  • An encrypted, Blockchain DID-based messenger (Hyper) which Teachers can utilize to communicate with students. ​


  • W3C compliant decentralized ID’s for data ownership.


  • ​A robust p2p network spanning over 71 countries globally.


  • ​A platform to help teachers communicate (Feeds) safely and securely with the Education Community. 

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